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  • Sydney C - Post 4 // Creative Portraits

  • Loved this segment of my photo series with Sydney and her sister, Mack.  The mystical background of the birch trees and the colors completely complemented Syd's style and made for some super arty images, which I love!  Check out some of our other series from our day together:  Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 [...]
  • Sydney C - Post 3 // Creative Portraits

  • Sydney kept the momentum going from Story 1 to Story 2 and well into this beautiful collection of images in Story 3.  We played around both outside and inside of this fantastic log cabin.  Here are the results... And inside... with the worlds coolest ladder on display...
  • Sydney C - Post 2 // Creative Portraits

  • Sydney continued to shine and light up my lens well after the Windmill Series of photographs.  She's absolutely incredible and takes some of the strongest portraits ever - she's mesmerizing to photograph and watching her dance is a dream.  Stay tuned for more... xx, Q