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I know there’s a lot of photographers out there (whether professional, amateur or hobbyist) who, for whatever reason, wind up not picking their camera up every day.  I, myself am guilty.  Yet, there’s no greater feeling in the world to me.  I love the feeling of having my camera in my hands, there’s nothing else that makes me feel so grounded and connected to everything around me, and so full of potential.  It’s a magical feeling.  But, with other jobs, with life, family, etc., Heck – even with just getting caught up with editing and blogging, I sometimes forget to pick my camera up and use it just for me.

I’ve always considered doing a 365 project to push myself and challenge myself in photography.  Indeed, I’ve even started one, last year.  However, it didn’t last too long, yet the images I took, are some of my personal favourites.  As I considered starting another 365 project for the New Year, I wondered why I didn’t continue the last one.  I came to a pretty simple conclusion, I felt a bit alone in it.  Everything was my perspective, my photo, my interpretation.  That didn’t fully feel like ‘growth’ to me.  I wanted to see other photographer’s perspectives and interpretations of the daily photo challenge.  I wanted to cheer them on, and be cheered on.  To have friendly critique and encouragement so I could expand even further.  I wanted to take part in a group 365 project where numerous photographers could come together and share their own photographs from the daily photo challenged, as well as share their own perspectives and thoughts on my images.  I wanted it to feel a little bit more like my days as an art student where we critiqued and explained our and others art pieces.  It allowed for a deeper understanding of our own creations as well as others, and by extension, a deeper insight into ourselves.  A collective 365.

So, with that, I decided to create Q Your 365 (meant to stand for Question/Cue Your 365).  And, I so hope that there are numerous  photographers interested in joining and that it grows.  How will it work, you ask?

  • Daily photo challenges/themes will be shared on a monthly basis at the end of every month (ie.  the month of January challenges will be posted Dec 31).  Challenges will be posted:
    1. Through instagram (@QYour365).  Here is where daily featured images will be shared.  Photographers participating in the project, must use the hashtag – #qyour365 for a chance to be featured.  Contributing photographers are encouraged to support and critique other images, as well as share a story behind their own when posting.
    2. On this blog! (www.qphotography.ca)… which will be shared to facebook AND twitter (@Q_Photographs)!  The top photos of every day from the previous month will also be shared within the first week of each month (ie. top photos from Jan 1-31 images will be shared in the first week of February).
    3. On facebook (@qphotography.ca).  Will share various blog posts and possibly a collage of top photos from the previous month.
  • So, once the month’s challenges are posted, save it to your phone, print it, email it to yourself, etc… so you don’t lose it.  Put your camera around your neck and in your hand for a minimum of 10 minutes a day and complete the daily challenge and share it on instagram with the hashtag #qyour365, the story behind it, and follow @QYour365.
  • If there’s a daily challenge you don’t quite understand – feel free to email me at kassy@qphotography.ca .  But, in reality, every single daily challenge is meant to be captured as you interpret it.  And hopefully, the wide array of interpretations, will lead to inspiration for many.
  • Remember to hashtag your images #qyour365 to participate!

And that’s about it in a nutshell.  Remember, #qyour365.  No rudeness will be tolerated.  This is open to any photographers, the more, the better!  Be kind, supportive and encouraging and let’s work together to grow our craft and push ourselves further in it so we can continue to grow as artists!

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