Q Your 365 // February

I’m so thrilled with how well the first month of the #qyour365 project has gone.  It’s incredible getting to know people better through their photos, it can be such an expressive form of art! And, I love seeing the improvements as we go along.  The more you photograph, the more comfortable you will naturally begin to feel.  Pushing yourself to see inspiration in the everyday, seemingly mundane; seeing yourself in your images and how you connect to your own photographs; looking at light more analytically; seeing colors and tones in a way that is more than coincidence; noticing textures and curves, etc.  ALL of this challenges you and pushes you to be a stronger photographer.

With that said, here we go, continuing onto February.  You might notice as we go along that there are some repeats (self-portrait, where I stand, etc).  Those will be there every month.  Why, you might ask?  Well… these are parts of our photography that really make an impact.  You must understand who you are and how you fit into your photography.  There should be that connection, both for yourself and for any potential clients.  Connect with your photography and push yourself to really capture who you are in it, and you’ll be amazed at how you (and your photographs) expand.  It’s probably the most difficult challenge there is in all of this…

Without further ado, here’s February challenges.  Check out everyone’s images on instagram by following @QYour365 (just search for:  #qyour365 ).



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