Devon & Tamara // Wedding

Devon and Tamara approached me back in October of last year to photograph their big day.  Right from the get-go I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Obviously, the two of them are perfect for one another.  But, when I say match made in heaven, I am also referring to my relationship with them as their photographer. I instantly felt comfortable with them and it seemed as though they felt at ease with me too.  Both of them were so open and friendly, and as a couple they were very much in tune with one another.  I think back to that first Starbucks meeting not quite a year ago, and I can’t help but feel that documenting their day was meant to be. Call it fate, call it Starbucks… whatever you want, I knew right away that I had to photograph their day because they are such a wonderful, genuine, and down-to-earth duo.  It’s couples like them that make this job so special.

The two of them make each other.  Tamara automatically has the biggest smile on her face, or just breaks down into fits of laughter when she looks at Devon.  The second they look at each other it is almost as though some unspoken hilarious joke that none of us is privy to, has just been exchanged.  Devon’s dedication to Tamara is obvious.  A heavy-duty mechanic with a love for his blue 67′ Chevy pickup truck… he’s a typical guy’s guy.  Yet, when he looks at Tamara, he lights up and you know that he would do anything for her.

Oh, and did I mention their beautiful kids, Brooklyn and Tristan?  Man do they ever melt hearts.  What a family.  Brooklyn, is such a little miss-mom.  She has so much spirit and energy.  Outgoing, girly, and beautiful… she’s a people person and is happy to talk to anyone and everyone.  Then there’s Tristan, the sweetest little boy ever.  He’s as messy and noisy as any little boy… but with the sweetest, cheesiest smile.  He has a passion for exploring and making people laugh.  The two of them are an incredible combination of their parents.  Tamara, with her giving and selfless nature.  And, Devon, with his dedicated and hardworking passion.  They are such a beautiful family, with so much love for each other.

Needless to say, I had a blast photographing their day.  Their friends and family are as welcoming as the two of them.  The wedding party was crazy, but in a definite good way and there was never a shortage of laughs.  What photographer doesn’t love a wedding party that makes you take a selfie with them?  In all serious though, they are an incredible group of tight-knit friends that were very obviously 100% behind the couple as they tied the knot… a support system that I am sure has lasted and will continue to last for years to come.

It was the best way to start of the 2014 wedding season.  I can’t thank Devon and Tamara enough for having me there to capture all of their special moments… it was such a humbling and fun experience.

I’m so happy to say… Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Schultz.  It’s About Time!!!

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