Clayten & Lauren // Wedding

Clayten & Lauren met back in junior high when her older brother played hockey with Clayten.  Growing up playing sports against each other, both were from small towns only about one hour apart, so they knew who the other was.  But it wasn’t until they were both well into their University years before they started hanging out.  And then, they fell pretty hard.  In November 2010, at a “Nurses Gone Wild” party, Lauren and Clayten became inseparable finally.  In September of 2014 Clayten popped the question at sunset while fishing.  Lauren was hesitant to go at first, but boy is she glad she did.  Bending to put bait on her hook, she found instead, the ring… only to turn and see Clayten down on one knee.

“I knew he was the one when I saw how he interacted with all of my family and friends.  He fit right in and that meant the world to me.  They loved him.  Meeting all of his family just solidified those feelings.  He grew up surrounded by the most amazing people and they all took me in with open arms.  He has always known how to make me feel like the most special girl in the wold.  As cheesy as it seems — I knew right away.” -Lauren

“I knew she was someone special right from the start but the day it all clicked was when she came home with me to my parents farm and helped me plant 200 trees with the day ending in a mud fight.” – Clayten

There wedding was simply incredible.  So much love and laughter.  Tears and smiles.  I love these two.  They are so incredibly down-to-earth and just the most sincere, humble, beautiful people you could ever meet.  I wish I could re-live their wedding day everyday… it was that amazing!

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