Chris & Amber // Wedding

You may remember Amber & Chris from their engagement session last fall.  That was an absolute blast, so shooting their wedding was that… on crack (pardon the pun). Seriously though, these two are beauties.  That’s their catch-phrase word for everyone else, but it suits them so well, that I really can’t see it applying to anyone else with nearly as much accuracy.

I don’t know if I can even write a super long post on these two, because their day, and well… just them, leave me absolutely speechless.  The love they have for each other is beyond imagination.  It’s quite simply, extraordinary.  As a bystander, you feel somewhat in awe of the absolute and complete adoration they have for one another.

After meeting at Amber’s twin sisters and Chris’s half brother’s wedding (absolutely crazy, amazing, awesome story… par for the course) in Candle Lake, SK three years ago, Amber dropped the “L-Bomb” within the first 24 hrs.  It must have been love at first site, because Chris didn’t run away from her… instead, he ran towards her.  Literally, these two are a real-life fairy tale.

My mom asked me how the wedding went the day after I photographed it.  All I could say to her was that it was, “Inspiring”.  And it was.  I walked away from that wedding with the biggest smile on my face and the fullest heart.  Chris and Amber, their family, their friends… they are a group of incredibly loving and welcoming individuals.  The speeches were mind blowing.  I had a really difficult time photographing them because I was so moved… by laughter, by tears.  And that’s the effect these two have… there is no gray area… they are full blown, 100%.  That’s why I love them.  It is why I seriously feel as though I went from not really knowing them that well to feeling as though we’ve been friends since we lost our first tooth.  That’s how incredible they are.

The thing I like the most about the two of them is that, not only are they each other’s biggest cheerleaders, but everyone else’s too.  Including me.  Amber and Chris have liked and/or commented on nearly every photograph I’ve posted.  They get excited for every other couple I’ve photographed, and pumped about every image I feature.  They are my biggest fans, so I wanted to just take a second to recognize that and say… thank you you guys.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your unparalleled support.

And with that – thank you for having me be a part of your incredible, moving, and inspiring day Chris and Amber.  I am so happy for you both and wish you many years of continued happiness.  Congratulations!

Honorable mentions to those who helped make Chris and Amber’s day as amazing as it was:

  • Venue:  Lynx Ridge Golf Course
  • Wedding Planners:  Dean Montalbetti & Bonnie Gingerysty
  • Dress:  Sofia Tolle
  • Suits:  Arnold Brandt
  • Florist:  Anita Burkell
  • Music:  Paul Filek
  • Hair & Makeup:  MADD Pretty

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