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  • Q Your 365 // February

  • I'm so thrilled with how well the first month of the #qyour365 project has gone.  It's incredible getting to know people better through their photos, it can be such an expressive form of art! And, I love seeing the improvements as we go along.  The more you photograph, the more comfortable you will [...]
  • Q Your 365 Challenges // January

  • As promised, here's the list of Q Your 365 Photo challenges for January 2017!  Can't wait to see the photos that are created by each day's challenge, and how each challenge is interpreted (this to me will be the most interesting and inspiring part).  Feedback is welcome, as long as you're participat [...]
  • Q Your 365

  • I know there's a lot of photographers out there (whether professional, amateur or hobbyist) who, for whatever reason, wind up not picking their camera up every day.  I, myself am guilty.  Yet, there's no greater feeling in the world to me.  I love the feeling of having my camera in my hands, there's [...]
  • Redferns' // Family

  • Here's some of my favourite images from my session with the Redfern family for their "Making Christmas Great Again" Christmas card.  This family cracked me up - they are soooo much fun!  And what a great idea for a Christmas card.  I have mine hanging above my editing station, it's too good. In P [...]