Carlson Sisters // Creative Portraits

Another series of posts is about to be unleashed (once I am back from Mexico).  The Carlson sisters are incredibly beautiful, gifted, smart, entertaining, funny and wonderful souls/dancers/artists/individuals.  They put their heart into every movement, every expression, every glance throughout this entire shoot.  I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Their individual sessions will be shared in stages… but for now, I had to share these incredible images of the two of them together.

Ladies… let’s do this again sometime – because you both rocked it and were so much fun to work with!  From tip-toeing across a river of rocks, stretching the lengths of bridges, sashaying in front of log homes, experimenting with light and shadows, to leaping in the most incredible garage of cars I’ve ever seen… you two just blew my mind and rocked my world.  Thank you.



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