Baby Rylan // Newborn

What a happy day I had getting to meet this little dude.  Not only was I lucky enough to photograph him and his wonderful parents, but I also have had the opportunity to capture this couple, now family throughout some of their biggest, most special moments in life.

Clayten and Lauren have had me photograph their engagement, their wedding, their maternity, and now their newborn.  It truly is such a blessing being able to share in such important times in a couple’s lives.  In particular, I feel as though I’ve watched this duo grow together, and they really are so special to me.  I’ve witnessed them take on each new step and moment in their lives with such grace, love and patience.  They compliment one another so perfectly and now they’ve added another addition to the family.

These two are already great parents and such a great team for little Rylan.  He is a lucky little guy, and is already showing signs of being a cowboy just like his dad (at least, the plaid his mom chose for him is indicative of that haha).  This session was pretty tough, since all I wanted to do was snuggle this little cuddle monster.  But, we made it through, and I am so pleased to say Congratulations to this family – can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you as you grow together.



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