Amy G – Post 1 // Creative Portraits

Amy Gardner has got to be up there for one of my favourite artists, storytellers, and creative souls. Considered one of Canada’s most exquisite artists, Amy uses dance as a way to explore herself as a storyteller and artistic mover. There is no end to her talent, and watching her in a previous workshop that I had photographed, I knew I had to spend a day photographing her as she truly just enables anyone who watches her to feel something.

I was so blessed to be able to make this dream happen and spend a day and work with her on a Creative Portrait shoot out in the mountains before she headed back to her home base in NYC. Because we had so much fun and drove around to numerous locations, I’ve decided to split these portraits up, as I really do feel that they each tell their own, unique story that have multifaceted layers within them.

With that said, here is Post 1 of my Creative Portrait session with the one and only, Amy Gardner. I love how self aware Amy is and how she has this uncanny ability to create different characters and stories, just with a look.  It truly is something to watch, and something next level to be able to capture.  Amy, you amaze me…

We started out on some train tracks, a very fitting place for any story… and Amy’s red pants are a dream.  In this post and in the following images, I can’t help but think of an exciting, and soul searching journey that’s about to happen.  Like I said, Amy always gets you to feel something….

When a train came, Amy and I ran to capture it. I really wanted to slow my shutter and focus on Amy. It was pretty frantic, but I am so pleased with the results.

And then, even more magic happened when train two came. For this one, I wanted to get some sun flare and change the angle up. Again, it was hectic, but I at least had a chance to get my camera more solidly on the tripod.

Stay tuned for Story 2.

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