Meet Q

Hi there!  My name is Kassy – I’m a random, happy person who likes to take not-so-random, full of life & emotion, raw, real photos.  I am also a secret artist and a not-so-secret, wear my heart on my sleeves kind of person.  I love all animals, am an addict to good, effective skincare (feel free to ask), and enjoy long, scenic walks.  My Achilles heel(s)?: wanderlust + coffee + red wine.

Currently, I am based in Calgary, AB.  As a photographer, I try to bring what I see or feel or what you see or feel… to life.  I believe in individual stories that go beyond just a moment in time, and I strive to tell them.  I try to focus on your emotions and your story, and by doing so… I often get to know my couples, families and individuals pretty darn well. Sessions almost always start off with a hug, because, by the time we meet… I often feel as though we have already become close friends.  I’m laid back, I will go out of my way to embarrass myself in order to make you laugh, and… most importantly, I work WITH you to make the process that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

My style and approach to photography (this is important) is a combination between artistic & lifestyle.  Artistic because I want you to have some unique and artistic moments that literally become wall art to hang, that go beyond the traditional (don’t worry though, I’ll bring traditional elements in too).  Lifestyle because, while my style is candid, many of my images do involve some direction or styling that creates a more relaxed result.  Not every image can be candid when you have a gal with a fancy lens in your face, so by providing you some relaxing tasks that get your focus off me, the whole process evolves organically and your images look more natural and true to you.  My photo editing approach is natural, warm and often has a matte feel.  And yes, while I do use a flash here and there… I tend to prefer natural light photography and really pushing myself to work with light and shadows (I love the dramatic effects that light flares and grain can add).  If that all sounds awesome to you and the venue you have in mind… then I think we will be a great match!  In which case… shoot me an email and lets discuss your story.

When I’m not taking or editing pictures, you might find me walking my pup, planning or dreaming of my next adventure, starting (another) art project, or hanging with friends and family.

P.S.  Why Q?  My initials are K.E.W.  Or, Q, as some have called me.  And, you’re welcome to call me that as well.  The pronunciation, ‘cue’, is a word full of photographic meaning, imagery and sensory perception.  And, it captures what photography is to me…. a chance to capture the stories that make life so beautiful.