2016 Q Photography // Recap

As I reflect upon this past year, I realize that 2016 was a big year for Q Photography.  I left my full time job half way through the year and started looking to pursue and expand in photography in a greater capacity.  I wish I could say it’s been easy, it hasn’t.  But, it has been the best decision I’ve made in awhile.  Now, finally, at the year’s close and beginning of 2017, I am feeling more settled, organized (almost) and as though myself and Q Photography are starting to move forward with more momentum.

While the first half of the year was slow in 2016, I was busy the second I left my job and people heard I was moving back to Alberta and focusing on photography.  Amidst the chaos of moving across the country (yet again) and temporarily living out of a bag for a few months, I was able to pursue a dream of mine and focus on doing a lot of shoots with artistic dancers.  Families, babies and maternity photos were also high on my list.  In there, I drove back to B.C. and captured two of my favourite people as they were married in Vancouver (and their earlier engagement prior to my move).   My cousin and his long time love were engaged, and I am so blessed to have been able to capture their engagement photos.  My best friend got married and though I got to take a break from photographing a full wedding, I couldn’t help but pick my camera up as we were all getting ready.  It was a different year in that it’s the first time my family has not all lived reasonably close, so less visits were had, but for longer with memories being captured along the way.  My own significant other and I began picking up the pieces of (primarily my) scattered lives and beginning the process of our own future – cheering and pushing each other on along the way.

I also began working with my beautiful and talented friend, Amber, as my second shooter in 2016.  I can’t wait to introduce her to you all sometime, early this year.  It’s exciting to offer two additional wedding packages, with an additional shooter, so we can ensure no moments are missed.

2016 was chaotic, beautiful, tumultuous, creative and inspiring.  It was a year of personal growth and professional realizations.  Building blocks were put down and tentative but sure steps were made.  Ideas and projects were set into motion with plans to push them forward in the New Year.  And, every single one of you, my dear, wonderful incredible friends, family and clients, have helped in this.  Every moment and every second that I spend with all of you has been so inspiring and I am so grateful.  Thank-you, yet again, for being the best support system ever, for loving my work, for believing in me, and allowing me to continuously grow.

My goal with photography is not to take a pretty picture.  It’s to capture a feeling, no matter how fleeting.  To embody an inhale and freeze it so that we all might feel it.  To live the beauty of a laugh, or cry all over again and to be transported back to exactly that moment and how you felt in it.  I truly feel like 2016 allowed me to dial in on this like never before. It makes me that much more excited for all that’s to come in 2017!

And with that, here are my top 100 images (just a few of my favourites) from twenty-sixteen with one of my favourite songs from this year to enjoy as you scroll through.  Happy New Years everyone!



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