2015 Q Photography // Recap

I know it’s no January 1st launch date, but it is still the first month of January.  I have been working my tail off with photos, this website, a side sales job (seriously, hit me up if you want a great skincare line) and a full-time 9-5 job.  Technical difficulties, moves, schedules, etc.. have pushed this back again and again.  So… I am super excited to finally have my new, cleaner, simpler site up.  I am so happy with it.

To celebrate, it’s time I share some incredible moments from shoots this past year.  It’s been an amazing, fun, challenging, incredible year for Q Photography.  After struggling with launching this website for quite some time (and still probably needing to iron out some wrinkles) I’ve decided to celebrate the 2015 season by sharing 100 of some of my very favourite photos (in the most random, beautiful order).  There’s no way to truly sum up Q’s 2015 with only 100 images, but they at least represent and capture the amazing moments I was able to witness.

2015 brought me all over – from Calgary, Medicine Hat & Banff, AB, Maple Creek and Cypress Hills, SK, to the beautiful Vancouver Island here in BC, and even to Viva Las Vegas!  It truly has been an incredible year with some amazing experiences, new beginnings and stunning people.  These images attempt to capture that.  None of these are in any particular order… they’re randomized and representative of my 2015 clients and the wonderful moments they allowed me to share with them :)

To all of my beautiful, soulful, amazing clients… THANK YOU!!!  I am not sure I will ever be able to express this properly.  But… seriously, you guys are the best!  Thank you for loving my work, for supporting me and for working WITH me.  Thank you for allowing me to grow.  I have loved meeting and working with every one of you.  You’ve had me laughing until my cheeks hurt, crying until I could barely see, and just basically filled me with so much inspiration and joy.  Each and every one of you is so special to me.  Thank you.

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And with that, here are some of my favourite images from twenty-fifteen (with a little tune for you to tap your toes to as you scroll through).


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